Where is God?

Right now I am facing a hard period in my spiritual life. I just returned after almost a 4 week long missiontrip to Zambia. It is a desert period, where it is all cloudy and foggy. I feel so empty, so left alone. In my human being I feel so lonely, it is like God has left me? I am just so angry at him. Why are we the lucky ones? Those who are not starving and living in poverty and suffering? Keep me in your prayers. Have you gone through the same kind of thing in your spiritual life?



3 thoughts on “Where is God?

    • spreadmuchlove says:

      Yes I came out of it. It took me some time. I guess I needed to find my own pathway, it is always hard coming home after a missiontrip, especially from Africa. God’s presence was so strong and it was like, abundance of joy. I am right now studying as a nurse, everything is good here. How are you ? What do you mean by you have been selfish ?

      • mwitasblog says:

        I am glad to hear that you are doing well. By “selfish” I mean I have not been reading my fellow bloggers’ posts on a regular basis, which connects us. I need to change.
        Btw, my wife is a nurse also. Nurse/midwife.

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