A little about me:

My name is Silvia, I am 23 soon 24 years old. I am living in the northern part of Denmark. I am studying as a nurse right now, and working at a rehabilitation center in Frederikshavn. I believe in God, and trying to be a the best version of me. Leave comments and thoughts, I would love to hear from you who reads and are following me.


10 things I love:

1. God
2. Travelling
3. Chocolate
4. Cozy time with my dear ones
5. Healthy stuff
6. Netflix
7. My latvian friend Lelde
8. Karums
10. My job at the rehabilitating center.


2 thoughts on “A little about me:

  1. mwitasblog says:

    As a dad who lives with 4 or 5 teenage girls in my house, I know exactly the kind of life you are going through, and it is a mark of true love for God and spiritual maturity that you can put your thoughts in a blog like this. May God bless you, I will be following your posts.

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