Catching up.

Hey long time no see.

Last time I posted was in 2015, now when I am posting this the year is 2017. Time flies. While I am writing this I am actually in class. I am studying to become a nurse. I moved to a town called Hjørring. I am working in my spare time at the   rehabilitation center in Frederikshavn.  Well all in all, life has been good, God has been good.

I have been reflecting on this chapter in the bible Psalm 139

Psalm 139:8 (NKJV)

If I ascend into heaven, You are there;If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there.

It tells us that no matter where we go, God is with us.
In heaven or hell. In hard times and good times. That encourages me to dare to go where he leads me. Not to question, and try to trust him. Trusting God has never been easy. We can see Jonah, Moses and even David struggled with it.


Merry Christmas 💕✌️ – Where did the time go?

Wow the time went so fast. Suddenly it is Christmas. This year has been so hectic, stressful and blessed. I have only bought 1 gift this year I simply did not have the time to buy the others. I am just so relived I am finally home after long time. I am just enjoying my time with my family.

Happy Easter everyone!


I was just out working when i realized this. Our God is a living God! Jesus rose from the dead, kicked the devils ass so we could live eternally with him. He broke the chains of hell so we no longer was condemned to hell because of our sinful nature. God is my hero, nothing can stop him not even death

That’s My King

I just love this one, when i feel scared, worried or angry i listen to this. And this video totally makes my day, because I just realize how great out God is, how wonderful he is. He chose to send his only begotten son for us, even though we are sinners and not worthy at all of this great love and compassion. God is love! Watch it and enjoy.

Hey you! Yes you!

Hey you :b

I am a happy girl, living in Denmark. I am 19years old. Yeah almost 20years, i feel like i am still 18years or something! Oh boy the time has come to pull my self together and make most out of life. I will share my thoughts, dreams and crazyness with you guys. Love me or hate me. I belive in God, he is 1st. I love my family and friends, specially the crazy ones :b leave a comment or two, tell me with you think!